The Royal Nanny

Review by Marisa Stokley


About the Movie

MI5 agent Claire goes undercover as the royal nanny and must overcome the challenges of her assignment, like resisting the charms of Prince Colin while keeping the family safe at Christmas. Starring Rachel SkarstenDan Jeannotte and Greta Scacchi.

* Movie description is courtesy of The Hallmark Channel

My Thoughts

Christmas may be three months past, but royal Hallmark Christmas movies have a place in my heart year-round, and I am glad for it because The Royal Nanny was the boon my heart needed for the hour and a half this story graced my TV. With no information about the plot of this movie other than what I inferred from the title, I turned on this TV movie expecting an average royal plot; what I found, however, was a slightly more complex story, kind sarcasm, and chemistry between the two leads that jumped off the screen.

Rachel Skarsten and Dan Jeannotte were excellent as Claire and Prince Colin, respectively. The heroine and hero of The Royal Nanny were played differently than I expected for a typical Hallmark movie. I didn’t warm up to Claire much at first. At the beginning of the movie I thought she would be too cold to like, which is quite unlike the bubbly heroines of Hallmark yore. As her character developed, though, her heart for the royal family and emotional backstory softened her. Prince Colin wasn’t on screen as much as I would have thought would be required for a romance movie. Despite this, his handsome features, heart of gold, and love for his family sold him almost instantaneously as The Royal Nanny’s hero. The chemistry between these two left no doubt that Claire and Prince Colin were an excellent match. The standout aspect, though, is that Claire was the hero of the story. She saved the prince and the plot was fully in her control.

I watched The Royal Nanny on YouTube of my own choice. I was not required to write a review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.