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We never outgrow the love of “princess stories.” In part it’s the sparkly things…in part it’s the pretty dresses…in part it’s that sense of wishes and dreams come true. But mostly it’s because we all long to be princesses. We long for that nobility. We love seeing outward reflections of our inward knowledge that we are daughters of the King of kings.

At WhiteCrown, we combine faith and inspiration with that deep-seated love of what is noble and regal.
We embrace it and celebrate it.

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Marisa, Janelle, Roseanna, & David
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Whether set in modern society, history, or a kingdom from the author’s imagination, you’ll find within every WhiteCrown novel a story of true royalty.

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Hannah Currie

Australian author Hannah Currie is no stranger to royal fiction.

Melody Carlson

Fairytale loving Melody Carlson has over 250 books to her name.

Tricia Goyer

Prolific author Tricia Goyer is known for her stories of depth.


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