Guidelines for royal fiction

Full-Length Fiction

WhiteCrown is looking for very specific projects at this time. Please read the information below before submitting your query to be sure that your project fits our needs. And of course, the best way to know what we’re looking for is to be familiar with our current titles.

Unsolicited queries are accepted–send an email with the query letter in the body of the email; please do not send a query as an attachment. Do not send proposals unless requested.

Agented MSS can submit a proposal along with the initial query.

What We’re Looking For

We are looking for Christian fiction that focuses on royalty in some form or another. They can be light and funny or serious, historical, contemporary, or set in a fantasy world, or anything in between!

WhiteCrown is aimed at readers who are teenagers and adults.

Novels should be between 60K and 120K in word count.

We are more lenient with our subject matter than some of the larger CBA publishers, but our books must be marketable to Christian bookstores. That means no vulgar language, no explicit on-page love scenes, and by the end of the book the character(s) ought to have experienced a growth of faith.

We are fans of books that deal with difficult issues that Christians face in reality, but we believe everything should point back to the Lord. If your characters face sexual temptation or even falter, for example, that is fine–but they must recognize it as sin and arrive at the Biblical viewpoint on it.

Amazing writing leads the day, and we love stories that take risks.

WhiteCrown is a small, royalty-paying publisher, part of the WhiteFire Publishing Group.

Proposal Requirements

If one of our editors requests a proposal, please send a single Word document with the following:

  • A 1-sentence hook
  • A 1-3 paragraph blurb
  • Status of manuscript (completed? completed by?)
  • Series info, if applicable
  • Full bio, including sales history if any
  • Marketing/promotional overview
  • Comparable titles
  • A 2-3 page synopsis
  • The first three chapters

Short-Form Fiction

If you have a short story or scene you’d like to submit to our Princess Moments section, please put “Princess Moments Submission” in the subject line.

Princess Moments are unpaid, but those who submit an accepted short are more likely to gain our attention upon submitting a full-length work, so participating in the shorts is a great way for us to get to know you.

Length can vary greatly but should not exceed about 10,000 words.


Please send all queries to our editorial team at:

Contact Info

13607 Bedford Rd NE
Cumberland, MD 21502