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Do You Have a Royal Story Already Published?


ShopWhiteCrown is interested in partnering with you or your publisher to list your royal titles in our store! We have several options available. Please fill out the form below to apply.

 How It Works 

We have several options available for our Embassy Authors. Please read through these options carefully and select the one(s) you would like to use on the form below. If your books meet our standards in both production quality and content (please keep in mind we are a faith-based company, and while not every story requires a faith thread, we will not stock books with explicit material), we will stock it/them in our store with a special Embassy Title badge.


Stocking Options

1.) INGRAM – If your books are available in Ingram and you would like us to purchase our stock directly from them, choose this option. This requires no further input from you, as all information and royalties will be processed directly through the distributor. (If you still wish to make signed books available, see the Signed Book option below.)

2.) DIRECT THROUGH AUTHOR – If your books are printed/distributed solely through Amazon KDP or you’ve printed and are fulfilling orders yourself through another printer, we would need to source our stock directly from you. There are 2 options for doing this:

(A) We could request to purchase copies at the standard wholesale rate, which is a 40% discount of the retail price. You would then ship these copies to us and we would stock them. Shipping costs would be charged to us along with the cost of the books, up to a certain amount that will be specified in the Agreement. Initial orders would be for 2 copies of each title until demand picks up. Applying for this option does not guarantee that we would purchase the book outright. As with any store, if we are taking the risk in monetary output, our buyers would have to decide it’s a solid investment.

(B) Another direct-from-author option, however, which would largely guarantee your availability in our store (assuming your book meets the aforementioned quality and content standards) would be CONSIGNMENT. With this option, you would ship us copies of your book (either signed or drop-shipped from your printer, depending on your choice), and we would pay you 60% of retail price for them (plus reimburse $2.50 of your initial shipping costs) when they sell.

3.) SIGNED COPIES – If you would like to make SIGNED copies available in our shop, either as your sole offering OR in addition to one of the others (if you choose “in addition to,” the signed option would be a variation of your product that must be selected during the purchase process), then select this option. Signed copies would be on consignment only (see 2B) and would be reimbursed as they sell. We would recommend beginning with 2 copies.

4.) EBOOKS – WhiteCrown has the ability to sell eBooks as well. If you would like us to make your eBooks available, you would need to provide us either with the final epub/PDF files or with a final Word doc that we can convert. Payment for these would be processed quarterly during our royalty payment process; you would be required to fill out a W9 so that we can process your payments.


Any books purchased through Ingram will be paid through Ingram’s usual channels. Any books that we purchase directly from you will be paid upon purchase. Any books sold upon consignment, will be paid quarterly.

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