Princess Moments

A deleted scene from Bring Her Home

A deleted scene from Bring Her Home

Book One in the Crown of Promise Series

By Hannah Currie


“I brought you something.”

“A gift? For me?”

Eva couldn’t remember the last time someone had given her a gift. Definitely before she’d left Raedonleith. Likely gold or a jewel or clothing or something. Something she’d likely smiled over before throwing with all her other riches, never to think of again.

From behind his back, Darrek pulled out not a jewel but a tiny flower.

She tilted her head, frowning a little. “You’re giving me a weed?”

“It’s a weed?”

Eva had to smile at how crestfallen the strong knight looked. Had he picked it just for her? “Yes, but, a beautiful one.”

She reached out and took it from him, rolling the stem between her fingers as she looked down at it. It might have been a weed, but she hadn’t been lying about it being beautiful. A pale lavender color with streaks of yellow, the petals were so delicate a single touch would mar them. It wasn’t surprising he’d thought it pretty. What was surprising was that he’d picked it for her.

“It made me think of you.”